Picture a real live, state-of-the-art, Commercial Aquaponic Farm operating on your campus, where your students participate hands on in it’s operation.  Aquaponics encompasses, health, nutrition, agriculture, economics, chemistry, biology, botany, sociology, marketing, business management, art and more.  This outside the classroom experience is as real as it gets and provides new ways of learning that reaches students that find the traditional classroom difficult.  This is an amazing learning oportunity.

There is more than just one way to get one for your campus.  The typical way is for the aquaponic farm to be donated to the school by a private individual or company who, in addition to the tax deduction, have the farm legacy titled in their name for all to appreciate.  After the donor is established, Backyard Farm Express builds and operates your farm to assure no burden on your staff and ultimately the sustainable success for the farm.  Your students, staff and families are invited to participate in the farm’s operation, though it is not required.

Additionally, the school benefits from part of the gross produce sales as a fundraiser in perpetuity.  It’s the sale of the produce that pays for the operation and management of the farm.  The community helps the school, the school helps the farm, the farm helps the school and together they all help the community and help to assure a brighter tomorrow.

The farm size is a bit flexible with the standard size about 100′ by 50′.  It does require level land with good access to plenty of sunshine.  Minimal water and electricity are needed via a simple extension cord and garden hose.  We are currently building farms in the West Orange and South Lake County areas in Central Florida.

If you are interested in learning more, or want to see if you have the right space for an aquaponic farm on the campus of your school, church or non-profit, just drop us a line with the email form below.  We look forward to hearing form you.

If your school, church or charity in the West Orange or South Lake County areas of Central Florida is interested in an aquaponic farm for your campus or land near by, drop us a line and when we get in from the farms we’ll  be happy to connect with you.  As always, we respect your privacy and not share your information with any other party without your permission.

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