Privately owned aquaponic farms are a wonderful partnering of community and farmer where you are a real part of the evolution of modern agriculture.  Not to mention having amazing fresh picked produce right in your own backyard is pretty awesome.

Those who buy a Backyard Farm Express aquaponic farm to be built on their personal or business property are really pretty special.  They purchase the farm to be built on their land, Backyard Farm Express builds and then operates the farm with as little, or as much, participation from the owner as the owner desires.  They get their produce picked fresh in their own backyard as well as share in the proceeds from the gross sales.

Backyard Farm Express uses the efficiency from operating many local farms with our deep knowledge of aquaponics to help assure that each farm performs properly.  This takes the pressure off the owner to need to have the time and knowledge needed to operate a successful aquaponic farm.

Each farm requires about 50′ x 100′ area on level ground with adequate sun exposure.  Minimal electricity and water is needed and connected to the farm via a simple extension cord and garden hose.  The estimated return on the purchase is about 5 years, which is really good for farming.  We are currently building aquaponic farms in West Orange and South Lake County areas of Central Florida.

If you are considering having an aquaponic farm on your personal, agricultural or commercial property, a good place to start is first making sure that you have the right space for one.  We are currently building farms within about a 20 minute drive from downtown Winter Garden and extending into Clermont.  Drop us a line with the email form below and when we are back in from the farms we’ll give you a ring.  We look forward to working with you.

If you have property in West Orange or South Lake County, FL and are interested in getting an aquaponic farm on your private, Ag or Commercial property, drop us a line and when we get in from the farms we’ll  be happy to connect with you.  As always, we respect your privacy and will not share your information with any other party without your permission.

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