Once you get Picked Fresh, you can’t go back!

Produce Saves Lives

Numerous cases have shown that a diet rich in produce that is Grown Clean and eaten shortly after being Picked Fresh is dramatically reducing and even eliminating their need for medication.

Your choice!  Side Effects or NO Side Effects.

Taste the Difference

Hyper-Local, Grown Clean and Picked Fresh Aquaponically Grown Produce is by far the best quality produce available.  Don’t simply take our word for it.  You can absolutely see and taste the difference.

It’s why we fell in love with food in the first place.

Schools & Non-profits

Local Schools and Non-profits can now have a full scale aquaponic farm on their campus for a unique hands on experience with a commercial aquaponic farm.  Seeing kids better understand their food and where it comes from, and the life changing impact it has on them, is truly amazing.

What is Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a beautiful natural balance between healthy fish, naturally occurring organic bacteria and truly amazing produce plants.  With aquaponics, the more authentic and natural it’s operated, the better the quality.

Our Story in Pictures

From three years of research and breaking ground on our first farm in 2017, to hosting campus field trips at Farm Five, we invite you to see this amazing story unfold.  Now, you too can be a part of this story.

Legacy Named Farms

As schools and non-profits throughout our community seek to have an Aquaponic Farm installed on their campuses, let your family name, or the name of your company, be the Legacy name on that farm for many generations to come.


Have a question?  Find an answer.

Donate an Aquaponic Farm to a School, Church or charity.

It’s a sustainable gift that keeps giving every month, year after year.  

If you are interested in possibly donating an aquaponic farm to a school, church or charity in West Orange or South Lake County, FL, drop us a line and when we get in from the farms we’ll  be happy to connect with you.  As always, we respect your privacy and will not share your information with any other party without your permission.

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