Local Individuals and Companies who care about our community and our generations to come, are donating Aquaponic Farms to local schools.  This gives our kids a “hands on” better understanding of their health, nutrition and what it takes to produce quality food today.  Additionally, the school has an ongoing source of income to help with the rising costs of education.  Want to leave a legacy, that your presence on the earth made a difference?  Consider donating an Aquaponic Farm to a school or charity today.

Legacy Farms have become among our favorite.  As the staff, students and families get involved, their combined excitement makes operating the farm most enjoyable.  Things that we see as revolutionary today, will be basic knowledge to the generations to come.  Our country’s need for educated agricultural professionals is rapidly increasing and we need more of our work force to understand aquaponics and sustainable agriculture.  Rather than seeing the quality of our food and diet in our country and community continue to decline, together we are making a difference.  We work towards the hope of a healthier country for our kids and grandkids.

We are currently building aquaponic farms in West Orange and South Lake Counties in Central Florida.

You – Beyond knowing that you are making a lasting positive change in our community by donating an aquaponic farm to a local school, the farm will be forever legacy named in your name for future generations to appreciate. Donating an aquaponic farm is fully tax deductible and a great help in addressing those gains taxes.  Additionally, there will be those who will beat cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other health problems, with the food they eat.  They will have local, grown clean, picked fresh, nutrient rich, aquaponicly grown produce to thank for it.  When this produce was grown on the farm you donated, there will be tear filled eyes of gratitude for your thoughtfulness.

The School – From your donation of the aquaponic farm, the school has the opportunity to teach the children with a truly amazing teaching tool for health, nutrition, diet, food production, aquaponics, chemistry, biology, math, civics and so much more.  Additionally, the school keeps some revenue from the produce sales as a fundraiser that gives year after year.

Backyard Farm Express – From the produce sales we are able to both operate the farm and aid in the education process.  This assures the sustainability of the farm even during summer vacation.  The burden is off the school and yet they benefit from the efficiency of being one of many networked farms throughout our community.

If you are interested in possibly donating a farm to a local school or non-profit, please contact us so that we can answer all of your questions and even connect you with a school or non-profit if you don’t already have one in mind.

Thank you, in advance.  You are about to make an impact unlike any you can even imagine.

If you are interested in possibly donating an aquaponic farm to a school, church or charity in West Orange or South Lake County, FL, drop us a line and when we get in from the farms we’ll  be happy to connect with you.  As always, we respect your privacy and will not share your information with any other party without your permission.

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