At Backyard Farm Express, we build and operate local Aquaponic Farms, providing the highest quality organic produce to local families and restaurants.  Raising high quality produce in a highly efficient manner locally, gives our community fresh nutrient rich produce which is proven to support healthier and longer life.

Most of our grandparents grew up on local food purchased from produce stands, butchers and bakers, sourced from local farmers.  We have seen a huge shift in consuming highly processed and modified foods, harvested before ripe, transported from far away and stored for days, weeks and months before we consume them.  This holds many negative issues contributing to our declining health.

We are making a small but important step in making a sustainable difference in the health of our community.  Eating our produce grown free form pesticides, chemicals and GMO’s, and eaten within days of being picked assures the highest levels of nutrition are still in your food.  Taste, texture, nutrients and the pleasure of eating are at their highest when eating picked fresh, aquaponicly grown organic produce.




We build Aquaponic Farms in backyards, schools and business properties within our local community.  These farms are based on a 30-year proven system model and enhanced with our proprietary design application for sustainable local agriculture.  Great care goes into every detail of these farms and our passion is building them with a solid standard of craftsmanship.  For we know the result is ultimately for the health of your family.

We deliver our produce to local restaurants, and to you through local weekly pickup locations.  Our currently ready produce is available through our online store as well as you can see what produce is nearly ready and even more that are growing for near future harvests.

From all of us at Backyard Farm Express, it is our desire that through learning more about the nutrition of various produce, experiencing delicious recipes and enjoying our high-quality produce, that your family will be healthier, live longer and enjoy doing so.

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