Why should we still wash clean grown produce?


Right? It could seem silly to need to wash veggies that have never had harmful chemicals applied to them.  However, let’s think of all the natural, organic things that your clean/organic veggies could come in contact with before you get them.

While veggies are growing in your own backyard, an organic farm or wherever, there are insects, rodents, birds and other animals around.  What do these bugs and animals do?  They eat and eliminate wherever they are.  This means that the healthiest and best kept veggies are likely to have bug poop on them in addition to dirt, dust, pollen and even pollution from the air.  Pollutants from fire places, brush fires, house fires, automobiles and factories all end up in the air and eventually find its way on to our veggies.  I know, sounds absolutely disgusting right?

From the field to the store, you don’t know who touched your veggies before you: did they sweat on them, sneeze on them, wash their hands or were they were sick?  Backyard Farm Express Staff are all educated and trained to use strict safety practices when working with your veggies to make sure that we are delivering you the safest produce possible.

The list of contaminants that can find it’s way onto our food is quite scary.  The amount that actually ends up on our food is often pretty low.  However, how would you feel knowing that the veggie you’re about to eat got a heavy dose of just one of these?  Yuk, is right.  For the same reason we take great care not to use harmful chemicals on your produce, you should wash your produce before eating it to make sure that you aren’t getting additional yuk.  Additionally, with veggies that taste this good, you don’t want anything interfering with the awesome experience your taste buds are about to have.

So… Wash-em Up!

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