Why eat fresh picked produce?


Fruits and vegetables are living things, or at least they start off that way.  After they are cut from their source of life, they begin to die.  Respiration continues and enzyme activity begin.  In other words, the picked produce begins to use itself to live a bit longer, eventually resulting in what we call rotted food.  According to the Harvard Medical School Center for Health and the Global Environment, total vitamin C has been shown to be higher when the tomato is picked ripe from the vine.

University of California studies show that vegetables can lose 15 to 55 % of vitamin C, for instance, within a week. Some spinach can lose 90 % within the first 24 hours after harvest.  On average produce loses 30% of it’s nutrients in just three days and even 80% in as little a five days.  This is a problem since 80% of our produce in Central Florida travels 7 to 10 day from California and Central America.

Additionally, produce plants contain lectin which helps protect the fruit while it’s ripening on the plant.  When picked before a veggie is ripe, it has not yet stored up all the nutrients it should give you, it also still has too much lectin which people are finding to have sensitivities and intolerances to, which are often incorrectly diagnosed as other health issues.

To avoid the lectins in unripe picked produce, and to assure that you are getting the maximum amount of nutrition from your produce, eat local, grown clean and picked fresh produce.

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