Do we eat the fish?


We can.  To us, the fish are far more important while they are in our systems.  They are an essential part of our farms as they break down the organic material for the naturally occurring bacteria and plants.  However, at some point, the fish get too crowded or too big and when we don’t have a new farm coming online to move them to, we can and will eat the fish.  We have found that the healthier the fish, the more efficiently they breakdown the nutrients for the plants.  For this reason, our fish are living in a “Club Med” like environment.  Nothing is too good for our fish.  In the winter, it is often warmer in the fish tanks than in our own homes.

When it is time to harvest the fish, they are a very clean, flaky white fish that taste amazing.  We don’t harvest a ton of fish. However, if you are able to get some when they are available, you will likely be very impressed.

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