Are the vegetables organic?


We apologize for the long answer to your short question, however we feel the need to give you the complete truth and address the likely question behind the stated one.  Eating organic to avoid consuming chemicals and unnatural substances is a good and responsible practice.  Organic simply means naturally occurring.  Many undesirable things are organic, like snake venom, mold and cow poop.  Pertaining to vegetables, one must go through the difficult and costly process to have their produce certified as Organic.  There are many deceptive practices common within the organic certification process, including chemical pesticides approved to be used on certified organic food.

We have chosen to grow beyond the Certified Organic Label and “Grow Clean”.  Our motto is “Respect our Land, Respect our Food and Respect People.”  To us, this means no shortcuts – even when the public can’t see.

Being an authentic aquaponic grower, we can’t use chemicals on the plants since the chemical would get in the water and kill the fish and/or bacteria.  To accurately answer your question.  We do not use any petrol chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified seeds or plants.  We grow in a practice that would satisfy and surpass the concerns of those who purchase Certified Organic.

The only things we add to the water are minerals such as Calcium, Iron and Potassium.  For the plants, we use beneficial insects to help with the veggie eating ones and the occasional diatomaceous earth, neem oil and other plant, animal and human supportive treatments.  Thank you for caring enough to ask this question and even more, to take the time to read this long answer.

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