Insulated Cold Bag & Freezer Packs

$9.99 Set


Each thermal insulated produce bag comes with two 16 ounce gel freezer packs to help keep your produce chilly and fresh for hours, even while waiting for you in you hot car.  Each time you return your bag and gel-packs, you will receive your produce in a fresh bag with gel-packs at no additional charge.  Thermal bags and gel-packs are sanitized between each use with chlorine dioxide, the most effective and food safe sanitizer available.  When it comes to produce quality and food safety, we spare no expense.


Our gel packs use a +30°F formulation that is both nontoxic and noncaustic. They are our most cost effective refrigerant. Our gel packs are the perfect refrigerant solution for shipments and packaging where variable height tolerances are acceptable as this formulation does tend to have irregular expansion during the freezing process. This product can be reused, but is generally used for shipment in one way packages because of its low cost nature.


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